Who Are We?

Established in 2017, Grid Plus Pte Ltd is rising to be one of the leading IoT providers in Singapore, providing seamless solutions with telematics, Artificial Intelligence and driving innovation, not only transforming all aspects of our clients’ businesses but bring value and pushing Singapore’s industries closer to the Smart Nation dream in the global connectivity era. 

Specializing in Fleet Management with Video Monitoring System, user-friendly solutions in wireless applications of Global positioning systems, GSM Communication network and expertise in developing and integrating solutions for Vehicle Tracking System, Road Safety and Driver Behaviour Management systems, In-vehicle Mobile DVRs that stream live location with video and much more, which would help companies in managing their fleet operations. 

Grid Plus helps our clients to achieve maximum business value with various software and solution integration. This comes from having a deep understanding of the industry technology, as well as the unique operations of every business. Grid Plus staff is committed to this understanding and strive to provide flexible, scalable end-to-end services that are tailored to the business requirements.