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Our user-friendly solution offers Global positioning systems, GSM Communication network and expertise in developing and integrating solutions for Vehicle Tracking System, Road Safety and Driver Behaviour Management systems, In-vehicle Mobile DVRs that stream live location with video.

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In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)

IVMS is an electronic system installed within the vehicle, recording a range of information about a driver’s behaviour and vehicle performance using the black box of the motor vehicle world (Mobile DVR – MDVR). Information that is recorded varies from one device to another. Still, typically, an IVMS will record live data on speeding, acceleration, braking, seat belt use and more, all time and date stamped. This gives an accurate and detailed picture of exactly what is happening at any point within the vehicle.

Advanced Driver Assistance System & Driver Status Monitor (ADAS & DSM)

DSM Detects and Generates Warnings

Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS is the term used to describe the growing number of safety functions designed to improve driver, passenger and pedestrian safety by reducing both the severity and an overall number of motor vehicle accidents. ADAS can warn drivers of potential dangers, intervene to help the driver remain in control in order to prevent an accident and, if necessary, reduce the severity of an accident if it can’t be avoided. 

Driver Status Monitor (DSM) is a driving auxiliary warning system that is based on machine vision technology to detect driver abnormal driving status. Distracted and drowsy driving are leading causes of many road accidents. They’re dangerous and may happen to anyone, no matter how experienced a driver is. But with Driver Fatigue Monitoring System, users can constantly monitor driving status and promptly receive alarms upon unsafe driving behaviors, and therefore effectively reduce the risk of accidents caused by distraction and drowsiness. 

Our Core Services

Monitor your fleet and manage your workload with ease.


Our solutions can save you money and fuel with our route optimization tool, and allow you to constantly monitor your vehicles/assets with our live GPS tracking feature in our IVMS.

It can also reduce your insurance premiums as IVMS provides insights into exactly what happened in the event of an accident.


Our MDVR has mobile video surveillance for your vehicles, so in the event that your vehicle has gone missing or is stolen, it can be retrieved easily.

Our ADAS & DSM has warning systems that can warn drivers of potential accidents and even reduce the severity of an accident if it cant be avoided.


Our solutions can improve the safety of your drivers with our ADAS & DSM. They warn drivers of potential accidents, as well as detect and alarm drivers that are distracted.

Drivers will also have an easier time planning out their routes with our Route Optimization software. With our flexible routing program that plans the quickest routes instantly, you can save time, money, and fuel.

Live and Playback Video

Monitor your drivers in real-time. Our system provides both real-time and playback videos accessible anytime, anywhere.

Driver Assistance & Fatique Monitoring

Be at ease whenever your fleet is on the road. Our ADAS & DSM solution warns drivers of potential accidents.

Route Optimization (Delivery Mechanism)

Improve your Planning accuracy, Reduce delivery time & cost and Maximize your resources.

Vehicle Maintenance & Reporting

Improve your fleet performance by managing your vehicles, drivers, and team by analyzing the reports.

Up to 37% Reduction in Operating Cost! Through time and fuel saving, which enables your business to become more competitive.​

Automatic Planning

The program builds the delivery schedule in just a few seconds, considering numerous factors and constraints. It will always aim to reduce driving hours, mileage and costs by finding the ideal route.

Powerful Route Optimizer

The program gives you an opportunity to improve productivity and enjoy significant savings. It is ideal for dynamic, multi-drop route planning as well as creating optimised routes across multiple stops.

Drag & Drop Manual Planning

Ideal delivery sequences can be built through “Drag-and-Drop” right on your PC or laptop screen. This is a simple and quick process of assigning selected orders to a vehicle and driver. The program allows you to save on time and effort in managing your orders.

Real-time Adjustments

The program works out the progress on each run, the current position, the amount of work to be completed and remaining driving hours, even when the route has already started. It finds the best solution to fit the customer order and provides a high level of service.

ETA Prediction

Based on progress information and accumulated lateness, Maxoptra recalculates ETAs for every job, so that you are prepared in answering your customers’ queries instantly.

Vehicle Tracking Integration

Maxoptra integrates with TomTom to obtain data on your vehicles’ location. No GPS devices? You can get tracking data from Android devices used by your personnel.

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